Project Focused

We approach every project with complete focus on the requirements and desires of the client. Every project is different and deserves a customized approach.

We work with the customer and other other project stakeholders (architects, interior design, mechanical, construction, etc.) to ensure that the technical aspects of the project are in line and on time with the overall project scope and schedule. This broad project focus and attention to detail not only in the technical side but how technology impacts the entire project gives us a unique position to help shepherd the technology to completion.

World-Class Technical Management

The FastClock team brings a breadth of experience to not only the design but the implementation of the design. Our many years of experience leading expansive technology installations in multi-million dollar projects will benefit the customers and the entire project team.

Managed and Supported Installations

The job does not end with a successful installation. Each site has it's own ongoing maintenance and monitoring requirements. Whether it be a small secondary residence or a Superyacht, we keep the lifecycle of the installation in mind during the design phase.

We have developed a monitoring system that can keep an eye on not only the AV and IT components of a site but can be expanded to monitor the other aspects of the technical installation; electrical service, HVAC, telephone lines. By taking a holistic view of the installation, we are able to provide the owner and/or site manager with tools to reduce outages and proactively monitor .

FastClock is a technology agnostic company. The customer's requests and desires are what drives any technology choices and we use that as a guide when embarking on any design process. We will never push forward a manufacturer simply because they have a better margin or a more favorable package to the reseller.

FastClock holds certifications, partner relationships and has direct experience with many of the industry leading manufacturers and technology companies. A few of them are listed here: